Counselling and Therapy Services

Counselling Services for Children & Adolescents
I provide emotional and therapeutic services to children and adolescents, from 4 years of age, building resilience and healing through talking, creative work and play. Children and adolescents can often find themselves needing support to cope with wide ranging and often complex social issues such as family breakdown, health problems, abuse, loneliness, bullying, bereavement & trauma. As well as my private practice I work with children in primary and secondary schools and have been doing this for 3 years.
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Counselling & Psychotherapy for Adults
I provide emotional, therapeutic and personal change services for individuals and couples as well as marriage counselling.
I hold the fundamental assumption that as human beings we are all ok and that we all have the ability to make changes in our lives. You might feel there is nothing specific, you may feel low, down, lost, stuck, lots of pressures such as managing workloads, finances, life at home or ill health. Or you may be facing very specific issues with relationships, gender, sexuality, bereavement, anxiety and stress, self-image, lack of confidence and self-esteem, domestic violence, abuse, feelings of loneliness, isolation or generalised feelings of unhappiness. These pressures can build and you can end up feeling like there is no hope or no way forward, I can offer services to support you. As well as my private practice, for over 2 years I have and continue to work with adults referred from health and social care professionals such as doctors, midwives, social workers and self-referral this is part of the NHS funded Improving Access to Therapeutic (IAPT) Services. For more details of how we might work together please click here.

Counselling & Therapy for Families
Working with families is varied in its approach. As you know the word family means different things to different people. A family can be mum, dad, child or children, it can be just one parent with children or it can be step mums and dads, step, foster and adopted children, half brothers and sisters, and sometimes it can include extended family members such as grandparents. There are no rules of what a family must look like but what we do know is that in families, there is a lot going on. Families can experience issues with communication, behaviours, lack of trust and respect, infidelity, sexuality, abuse and addiction. There can also be changes in the family such as a new baby coming along, divorce, blending of families, and bereavement.
Sessions support the family to identify primary issues and communicate effectively about them. The emphasis is on ensuring that each family member is given a voice and is listened to. The aim is to enable the family to explore family dynamics and how they impact on each other. The family can then decide what changes they want to make and how they go about it. You may think that your young children would not benefit from this type of therapy, we have access to play therapy equipment which encourages and enables the younger children to communicate in a way that is more natural and less threatening to them encouraging them so their views are shared. If you want to know more about this service or to enquire about an appointment please click here.