Working with Adults

Counselling and Psychotherapy
A process of understanding, healing and change.
I am an integrative psychotherapist and counsellor. Using my core training as a transactional analyst I blend theory and methods that include the affective, behavioural, cognitive and psychological aspects of self. By working with you, or you and your partner, on all of these elements you are able to fully integrate the fragmented or seemingly rigid parts of the personality and better respond to life's challenges. Integrative psychotherapy and counselling is concerned not only with what works, but also why it works for you. This provides you with valuable information about how you process thoughts, feelings and behaviours, this information will help you continue to develop, grow and make choices even after therapy ends.

Life Coaching
A process of self-development.
Life coaching uses a variety of tools and techniques from many disciplines such as psychology, sociology, career development and neuroscience. Life coaching aims to help you identify and achieve personal goals in any aspect of your life, through positive action, this could include career management, leadership, building confidence, assertiveness, stress management, motivation, work life balance, personal development and relationships. Using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques and counselling and psychotherapy skills I am able to adapt to your needs, providing you with a truly personalised approach to support you reaching your full potential.

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