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Hi, my name is Moira, I am a qualified counsellor, career and life coach based in Preston, Lancashire. I am also a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, colleague, manager, volunteer, business owner and I am me.

I strongly believe in personal development (including my own) and supporting people to get to where they want to be. I have worked as a senior manager in the NHS for over 13 years managing change; change of services, organisational change, change of culture and supporting individuals to change, develop and grow. I have learned that working with change and more importantly working with people involved in change requires time...time to talk and time to listen, commitment and empathy.

My personal experiences of feeling stuck, frustrated and confused about where I was going, what I was doing and what I stood for, led me on a journey of self-discovery, personal and professional development. Throughout my training and beyond I have worked as a counsellor in primary and secondary schools and in womens centres, i now have a small private practice where i provide counselling and psychotherapy from my home in Preston. I continue to work part-time as an Associate Director in the NHS where i manage a small team of experts in commercial relationships, licencing and contract management, I also provide career and life coaching and mentoring to those working in health and social care.

I take an integrative approach to counselling, psychotherapy and coaching. This means I blend several different theories and techniques, drawing on elements of each to best help and support you. I bring together the affective, cognitive, behavioural and physiological systems within one person, taking account of your environment, providing a flexible, client centred approach to address your needs. We work together to understand what are the actual emotions underneath the actions that are driving the behavior and where do those emotions come from. It’s not about acting into the right emotion. It’s a question of understanding what are the source emotions from which we are acting.

I have a Masters in integrative psychotherapy and am a BACP registered counsellor trained in Transactional Analysis (TA). I am registered with the following accrediting bodies and organisations abiding by their respective Codes of Ethics.

Registered with the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy
British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)
Registered with the United Kingdom Association Transactional Analysis
United Kingdom Association Transactional Analysis (UKATA)
Registered with the  European Association Transactional Analysis
European Association Transactional Analysis (EATA)

Qualifications and Training
Masters in Integrative Psychotherapy.

This MA seals a constructive and challenging learning experience which develops interconnectedness of theory, practice, research, self awareness and personal development. it affirms that the psychotherapist has developed an integrative approach with a critical basis for practice and ethical and professional integrity. Practitioners who have completed the MA are competent to offer high-quality Integrative Psychotherapy in a variety of contexts, appropriate to the needs of the client, organisation and society (University of Central Lancashire 2015.)

Diploma in Transactional Analysis (TA) Counselling.
This is a four year training programme. TA is a humanistic, integrative, psychoanalytical, psychodynamic therapy. TA promotes personal growth and change; it is a therapy for promoting well-being and for helping individuals to reach their full potential in all aspects of life.

Post Graduate Certificate in Working Therapeutically with Children and Adolescents.
This post graduate course focused on understanding the effect of the child’s experience of early relationships and environment on the child’s successful social and emotional development, and in particular for learning how to effectively regulate their emotions. Using play therapy as a way for the child to express their experiences and feelings through a natural, self-guided, self-healing process.

Dyadic Development Psychotherapy (DDP) Level 1&2.
DDP is an attachment focused family therapy. This training involves creating a playful, accepting, curious, and empathic (PACE) environment in which the therapist attunes to the child's subjective experiences and reflects this back to the child by means of eye contact, facial expressions, gestures and movements, voice tone, timing and touch, co-regulates emotional affect and co-constructs an alternative autobiographical narrative with the child. DDP makes use of cognitive-behavioural strategies. supporting the child and family to create new narratives and healing.

Diploma Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).
This training provided a set of tools to apply to a therapy, coaching or life in general. It provides techniques to gain extra insights into the unconscious meanings behind what people say to enable the therapist or coach to facilitate change in a conversational way.

Institute of Leadership and Management Certificate in Coaching and Management Mentoring.
The level 5 certificate focused on the understanding of the role and responsibilities of the coach and mentor in the workplace, through deepening understanding of how coaching and mentoring can impact on a person, team and organisation.

Other Training Undertaken:
• Trauma, Resilience and Recovery
• Working with Relational Trauma: Attachment and Health Relationships (PODS)
• Learning Disabilities, Child Development and Sexuality (Place2Be)
• Attachment Theory and Self-Awareness in the Counsellor (Place2Be)
• Group Work (Place2Be)
• Children’s Emotional Wellbeing (Place2Be)
• Working with Metaphor (Place2Be)
• Working with Difference and Diversity (Place2Be)
• Foundation Certificate in Transactional Analysis (The Berne Institute)
• Counselling Skills (The Berne Institute)
• Transactional Analysis 101 Verification Certificate (The Berne Institute)
• Top Managers Leadership Programme (The Kingsfund)

If you would like to know more about me, my training, the services I provide or to discuss booking an appointment then use any of the means listed on my Contact page. Please click here for further information on the Services I provide.